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Sacraments Source of Our Life in Christ
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Our Moral Life in Christ
Course Syllabus

DESCRIPTION: This course will examine the seven Sacraments from the perspective of both Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition. The course will cover the growth in understanding, meaning, and significance of the Sacraments in the Catholic Church. Students will be given a deeper understanding of how and why the Sacraments are an essential core of Catholic faith life, how they empower the Christian community and how they apply to Christian discipleship. In the context of living the Sacraments, the course will focus on how the Sacraments will help us better live a moral life in compliance with the Commandments.
First Semester:
The Sacraments Source of Our Life in Christ
Author: Rev. James Socias
Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum
Second Semester:
Our Moral Life in Christ
Author: Rev. Peter V. Armenio
Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum


To show how the Sacraments are rooted in the history and culture of the Catholic Church and can be traced back to the ministry of Jesus as presented in the New Testament. To understand why the Sacraments are efficacious signs of Jesus’ love and the graces necessary to live a life of discipleship. To understand how the Sacraments are symbolic actions that make present the reality of the One True God Whom we cannot see. To understand the Sacraments, in terms of Christian Initiation, Reconciliation, and Vocation and their relationship to the Church. as the Body of Christ, and to whom they were entrusted by Christ.


The course is taught in TWO Semesters. Each Semester is focused on a specific aspect of Catholic living. The first semester addresses specific ways in which the Sacraments are essential means to living a Catholic discipleship.
The second semester addresses particular challenges and obligations for living the Catholic message as His disciple, in whatever particular call to vocation that discipleship may take.


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